Photocopy Services Tulsa Photo Copying Restoration Retouch and Photo Repair of old Pictures Tulsa Oklahoma. A 1 Tulsa Photo Photography Has retouched and
restored old photographs over 30 years we are the experts. If you have a faded, damaged or a photograph with missing parts we can fix them.
Before and After Samples
The original on the left is 12X18 inches
it is to large to scan and convex ( bowed outward )
try to scan it and you will break it.
The gray is metallic silver that has reemerged
over time. It was copied with a professional
very hi rez digital camera with special copy lights
and a special filter for the camera and separate
filter for the lights. Very little retouching was needed
You can not afford to let just any one
with your treasured photograph
.........Professional Digital Artist
...........Professional equipment
.............Professional results
I can not stress
how often a
camera copy is
far superior to
a scanned copy.
This daguerreotype was copied (A camera copy not a scanner, with a camera there are many enhancing filters that can be used)
he first view with the glass on then the glass was carefully removed and recopied notice how much grime that is missing.
Then retouched, it still looks like an old photo not an over kill airbrush mess.
When sending or bringing originals PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO HELP US
by tapeing togeather, removeing broken glass or cleaning etc.
................................................This is a early photographic Time Line
1839 The invention of the daguerreotype by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre is formally announced in Paris, France.
1844 Mathew Brady opens a daguerreotype studio in New York City.
ambrotype is a thin negative image on glass made to appear as a positive by showing it against a
background. The reverse of the glass plate was either painted black or backed with a black material.
1854 James Ambrose Cutting patents the ambrotype process.
1856 The tintype is patented.William and Frederick Langenheim copyright the first paper photographs,
stereographs of Eastern U. S. sites.
Late 1850’s -1900’s
carte-de-visite prints make on fiber base paper
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