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Lassiter and Shoemaker Photography provides Tulsa and North Eastern Oklahoma area photographic services for Senior Portraits, weddings, bridals and engagements, family and individual portraits, and event photography. High school senior, seniors, senior's, children, photography, child, portraits, kids, teen, teens, digital, teenager photographs, seniors, photos, toddlers, pictures, girls, boys, sisters, brothers, siblings, parents, photographer, maternity portraits, pregnancy photos, pregnant women photos, expectant mothers, pregnant womens' portraits, family, families, weddings, creative, vows renewals, golf tournaments, business events, community events, corporate photos, reunions, studios, portraiture,
Seniors, What Should You Wear and Bring
Your Portraits reflect your personality. Please bring a variety of outfits, dress up, uniforms, your favorite clothes (no matter how old) & something that says *this is Me.* These are the pictures you will hand out to your classmates, give to your relatives, send out in graduation announcements & hang on your walls. Make sure you love the clothes you are photographed in. Here are some suggestions:
Long sleeves are picture perfect, Short sleeves are nice. If you must bring sleeveless (sleeveless can make you look heavy), please understand we will only use it for one or two portraits
Makeup-Wear the make up you normally wear--no stage make up. We photograph for clarity so be sure all makeup is applied as you like it.
Hair- Plan your hair styles in an orderly manner. For example - you may start with styled hair, then add a barrette, then a pony tail & finally a hat. If you color your hair, be sure there are no roots showing. Remember your brush!
Hair- Trim your hair at least one week prior to your session. A trim closer to your session may reveal an untanned neck & forehead. If you color your hair, be sure there are no roots showing.
Facial Hair-Plan when to shave. Freshly shaved red skin will show & so will 5:00 shadows.
Ladies & Guys:
Opt for your favorite color, your favorite outfits, the outfits others tell you that you look good in.
Wearing solid colored clothing is best. If you wear a pattern be sure it is understated. After all, we are creating portraits of you, not your clothes. Wear lettering on your clothes ONLY if you want it highlighted i.e.., college or school shirts, jackets or uniforms.
Wrinkles-Please iron your clothes before coming. Wrinkles will show.
Acne- DON*T WORRY-You will inevitably wake up with *one* the morning of your session. All our portraits can be retouched & you'll have a peaches & cream complexion.
Face Powder-Please bring a compact to wipe away shine as needed.
Sunburn-Be careful not to get too much sun in the days prior to your session. We cannot touch up sunburn.
Glasses-All glasses will distort the face in photographs. Remove your lenses, borrow a pair of frames from your optometrist, or consider some portraits without glasses.
Props-Be creative. Use your imagination. Have fun!!! Bring pets, friends, siblings, sports equipment, cars, instruments, your class ring, your__